GPT-3 Consultant needed

Hi, This is Amir from SUSLIB :wave:

We are looking for an experienced person who can give us consultancy about employing GPT-3 and/or OpenAI APIs. The advice we need would be only from a high-level point of view(solution architect). So the question basically is; “should we use GPT-3 or OpenAI API for solving our challenges or not”?

About us and what we are building
We’re a young initiative, working towards the future of knowledge interaction. Our software merges physical objects and spaces with digital functionalities and interfaces. Previously, we have developed a couple of experimental products including Intention Recognition API and IAA. Both are heavily vision and image-oriented.

But now we are trying to narrow down our work into one single SAAS product called Throo;

Throo enables anyone to create next-gen A.I.-powered catalogs based on context rather than metadata. Increasing engagement, exploration, and discoverability.

While keeping our previous functionalities such as visual search and matching, we need to extend our search and context-creation functionalities and hence we do need to start working with textual resources (documents and webpages) as well.

Having this said, we are not experienced much in NLP and particularly using OpenAI API and/or GPT-3. Therefore we need you, please let me know if you can and are interested to help us :raised_hands:



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That’s great. I envisioned that such an API would be needed to realize a fully functional cognitive architecture. I have done plenty of one-off consulting for various entities where GPT-3 is concerned. What level of commitment are you looking for?

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Hey David. Well, surely it does require a well-thought architect. At the moment we only do a feasibility check and so we would like to know if using OpenAI tech is the right fit for our challenges.

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Cool. So what challenges are you tackling? This is the kinda thing I’ve really been interested to talking with people about lately. If you’d like to set up a Zoom I’d be happy to chat.

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Sure, let’s have an online call. I will send a DM to follow up.

psycholinguistics? :face_with_monocle:

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