Looking for cofounder - AI Native Interface for sales/marketing stack

Hi all :wave:

Thought I’d reach out to the community for help. I’m building a company that heavily uses the GPT-4 API and looking for a technical cofounder. How we do work is going to radically change in the next 10 years and we’re building a new AI native go-to-market interface to better suit this future way of working. We are very early but have strong traction – customers including a buzzy AI devtool company and a fintech. However, I’m running into the problem that I can’t be exceptional at sales AND engineering at the same time. So I’m looking for a partner in crime to help build.

Before this I was a senior engineer building interfaces for driverless cars at Lyft, and a senior engineer building data infra at Bloomberg. I’ve built in sales tech before: sold a previous project to an investor at General Atlantic (now at a16z). I’m very friendly and social. I love talking to people so I’m happy to do sales.

Who I’m looking for: I’m looking for a technical leader to own engineering while I focus on sales/marketing. Our stack is Python backend, JS/React for frontend. I’m looking for someone who thinks they are in the top 1% of engineers and wants to build something extremely large. You ideally want to hit the $100M revenue milestone in your life and understand the tremendous effort required to do so.

Does this interest you at all? I have a detailed Notion doc of what we’re doing exactly, how we plan to get to $1M ARR by the end of the year, how we use OpenAI models, competitors in our space, strategy, moat. etc. If you email me at saleh.hindi.one@gmail.com or add me on LI (Saleh Hindi - Founder location is NYC) I’ll send the doc to you. If you have any questions or just want to meet, I’m extremely friendly and love meeting new people so please reach out : )

Also if you’re an engineer who wants to do their own startup one day but isn’t ready now, I’m still happy to chat about how to do sales, ideal validation, etc

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Hello Saleh, I’m in the bottom 1% of engineers but I am learning and can join you for some sweat equity.

I have been building a b2b sales stack called SalesFlux. I’m more into the sales / and infrastructure side of things and need help with the technical coding. No code has only got me so far. If you are interested in collaborating feel free to reach out!