Seeking Developers for Blockchain MMORPG

This is an open invite for all roles, not just developers, but also other roles as well, such as animation, 2D/3D Art, Management, and more which are listed on our website. If you’d like to join us at Autonomicity Games, to teamwork on the production of the blockchain based multiplayer online game, Powrush, and our websites for both the game and the company, we’d love to have you join us! Especially people with Open AI experience, since it may be the most efficient path to ensuring the error-free integration and a seamless end-user experience.

Please apply by E-mailing or contact me directly on twitter if it’s easier @AlphaProMega to discuss collaboration opportunities for us to combine forces and thrive together. Cheers, Mates!

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I have … concerns.


Me too! That’s why the game hasn’t launched yet and has been under development since 2016; it’s wise to be cautious and plan carefully to execute appropriately such a radical concept.

What are your concerns?

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why do you need blockchain?


How do centralized platforms resource consumption and waste products compare to decentralized? Would trading one for the other be beneficial?

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you dont need blockchain to do any of that.

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I’m not following your argument. Are you saying it’s not good because it has bad parts? Does the energy intensive technology create opportunities for imbalanced systems—governance, trust, cohesion—to achieve resonance? My thought is that it might change the way resources are being extracted, consumed and wasted; given an urgent enough need, which seems to be growing bigger by the day.