Reviewing your appeal - Trademarks

You can’t :+1:

Just wait, there’s nothing more you can do at this point.

i’m looking at a similar solution with Copilot… they better hurry up

I waited a month for them to get back to me on an appeal. I also needed to appeal due to trademarks.

But they did get back?? Did you win the appeal?
Ive sent them all our trade documents that prove we have ownership.
I dont mind waiting but its just the lack of communication that really gets me going. Waiting is fine if you know that its being dealt with and there is an end goal.
Thanks for your comment.
“Building customer expectations isnt that hard”

I wrote a post about my appeal experience 2 days before your post.

My appeal did not go through after 1 month of waiting. The appeal process on trademarks used to take about 3 hours but now it takes 1 month. I’m quite surprised and thrown off about this too. Anyways, I’m also still waiting.