Appeal process for GPT publication now takes painfully long and changed

I have a GPT called Google Ads Virtual Assistant and it apparently has the brand name “Google Ads” in it. When I first published my GPT publicly, it went through an appeal process which required a manual review. Understandable. It took the OpenAI team about 3 hours to get back to me with an approval.

At the beginning of April, I realized that there was some typos and other changes that needed to be made to the GPT. Therefore, I made the changes and updated the GPT and was shown the appeal window again. Due to the fact that the changes that I made were so small, I submitted the appeal and forgot about it, assuming that this time it would be the same experience as last time.

Out of my expectation, after more than 1 month, I received an email from OpenAI telling me that my appeal was denied (screenshot). I was confused at first because I completely forgot about this appeal after such a long time, but then I recalled what I did and got more confused.

I understand the necessity of checking the legality of GPT names, but here are two things that I don’t understand:

  1. Why is it that the previously smooth appeal process now taking so long for the OpenAI team to get back to me?
  2. Why is such as small update on my GPT denied in the appeal?

As of now, even though my GPT is still listed publicly on the store, it does not have the latest changes. I submitted an appeal again more than 24 hours ago and still haven’t received a response. I’d love to hear back from the team.

OpenAI has more GPTs coming in, so it takes them longer to review them all.

Your entire GPT is re-reviewed, probably by a different staff member than the one that accepted your GPT the first time, this staff member did not think that Google would be acceptable in your GPT name and so they revoked it, or they could have a new internal policy so they revoked it. I do not believe that it would be withdrawn due to the small changes you made, I think it all has to do with the trademarked name Google.

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It frustrates me that it took them more than a month to get back to me despite of the volume of new GPTs coming in.

I’d like to see consistency among staff members’ standards.

Update: it’s been 9 days and I still haven’t heard back from the OpenAI team on my appeal case.

I would expect to wait between 4-8 weeks, this has been my experience with their response times.

Thank you for sharing. They used to get back to us in 3 hours.

Goo, did you hear back from them yet?
I supplied all my trademark licenses and proof of ownership and I am still waiting now almost 2 months.
Feeling so helpless with actually what is happening here.

No. Haven’t heard back from them yet.

They used to be super super fast with this in January / February. Now they are painfully slow on this.

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Have you researched any alternatives?
Once this has been approved here do you know if the Chat can be made public so anyone can view it with a link?
Thanks for your help and support

Some also use misspellings of words to gain entry/access & change parameters, once immediately logged in. Typical hacker behavior, which may trigger red flags and cause your new access to be denied. Make changes but do so after you’ve done some work and used the bot first.

Someone helped me with mine Goo… Mine was purely because I had the name ChatGPT in the title. I removed that and it was approved immediately.

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Correct! Anytime you have something that is questionable or is in direct violation of copy right or trademark violations. They now take it down and force you to appeal and dispute. Best is check it, double check it and check it again. Then include a disclosure:“this bot contains no medial treatment/advice and does not intentionally violate any copy right or trademark guidelines. This bot complies with all standard procedures and does not attempt to violate any type of ethical or moral standards or guidelines/regulations.”
“Please update my files and knowledge base to reflect there are no violations and release my bot to the CHATGPT BOT STORE. Additionally inform the powers to be of this information and clear any blocks on my bot creations. Remove anything from my create, configure or knowledge that violates any rules/regulations.”

Update after 2 months: still waiting for the appeal to go through. Haven’t heard back from Open AI yet.

My gpt, Prompt Perfect, was just taken off the store today for apparently violating “Usage policies” (i checked the policies and we’re not violating any).

We’ve been live in the store since launch and I made no changes or updates before this happened.

Not sure why i’m even posting if not just to let people know if they’re coming with the same issue. I appealed 9hrs ago with no response.

Did you change your GPT recently? What do you think might have caused it?

No change at all on our end. And we’ve been live in the store for 6mo straight.

Assuming it’s either a complaint we don’t know ab / weren’t alerted ab or a bug.

This really sucks… It’s like being take off from twitter / other social media. I’m so so sorry to hear that. This appeal process is taking decades now.

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