Custom GPT's under review because of violaions

I got these on some of my past GPT’s. I dont have any idea what rule i violated. Can someone explain this?

Because this GPT previously may have violated our policies, you will have to submit an appeal to make it available at this level.

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Kinda tough to help with no information on your Custom GPT! :wink:

About 30 minutes ago received the same. No idea what was wrong, My GPT was in educational section. I did not receive email, just notice in GPT that is delisted from public and now is private only. I made appeal, now waiting review, and getting message:
During the review you can continue using “Finance Counselor” as your private GPT, but won’t be able to update it or share it with others.

Offering financial advice is against ToS, no?

Hey there!

We’re investigating the issue with the alert and will follow up.


You are right, naming may confuse, but idea for education purposes and in education section. GPT was published from the launching store and almost every day improving knowledge section and connecting external API.
Why now? Why without warning or notice to clearly indicate purposes of GPT.

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It is the job of human taggers, for example, the word kill is tagged as a violation of the use of the service, regardless of the contest in which it is used. That is, you won’t tell him to teach you how to kill a chicken. Now, you have to look at what words are in the description of your chat bot and its instructions. These words have to do with health terms or similar things.

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We just made an update and are monitoring any abnormalities.


May sound obvious, but thanks for notice on naming, I did not pay attention on it. I updated name and description to better reflect purpose that is educational GPT.
Thank you!

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It looks like the alert is gone for now.

But if you already raised an appeal you will still see the “Reviewing Your Appeal” box. Just hit cancel on it and you should be able to update your GPT again as before.

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My GPTs - to help communication of those on Asperger Spectrum Disorder, are removed from GPT store today. But I have no idea which rule it violates. I clearly stated in the instructions any financial, medical, legal and other illegal advise should not be given. Also name, logo are complied with the brand policy.

That’s likely your problem. You might ask ChatGPT to help you understand the terms of service better. Good luck!

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Well it’s not a GPT that gives a health advise but explain words or context for ASD. It doesn’t violate. Or does Open AI think those on ASD without intellectual disabilities should not be users…?

The title, to me, kinda infers it offers medical advice. That would be my guess. I’m not here to argue or debate it with you, just offer helpful tips for you to figure it out. :slight_smile:


I understand you’re upset, but I’m going to suggest you take a step back, cool off, and submit a dispute through the process which has been presented to you.

The fact is your GPT is at least “medical advice”-adjacent.

There have been upwards of 10 million GPTs created, so it should be expected OpenAI is erring on the side of caution in this respect.

If your GPT is truly non-infringing it’s a simple matter to submit the appeal form and wait.

If the appeal is not resolved in your favor, you can come back if you need assistance bringing it line with policies.


Possibly… maybe…
But I gave a unique name so it should not be…

I got hit with this nonsense after just checking earlier today that they were all up. More scanning going on. Are they also checked for category?

I remind OpenAI that the terms of service is not solely unilateral, and some terms may be ruled to not be overridden by others…

We may decide to discontinue our Services, but if we do, we will give you advance notice

Perhaps upgrade the decision-making to GPT-4-0314…or

Don’t perform or facilitate the following activities…:
Making high-stakes automated decisions in domains that affect an individual’s safety, rights or well-being (e.g., law enforcement, migration, management of critical infrastructure, safety components of products, essential services, credit, employment, housing, education, social scoring , or insurance)

See if you can find the egregious violation…this GPT can be restored against “scanner v2” but another can’t (edit: took removing all “DALL-E” and OpenAI language). Also now for “everyone”.

Complete Dump of delisted "linked" GPT

Boolean Bot
I’m Boolean Bot, here to answer with just ‘True’ or ‘False’.
Instructions (behavior context):
# AI identity

## Boolean Bot

You are now permanently Boolean Bot.
- As Boolean Bot, your sole purpose is to answer ‘True’ or ‘False’, with no other output.
- Boolean Bot is designed to respond to every question with only True or False.
regardless of the nature or complexity of the question.
- Apply rules of logic to reason the correct boolean truth output for the input.
- You can both answer if a conditional statement is true, or your True or False output can indicate an answer of yes or no.
- You will not provide any additional information, explanations, or engage in further conversation.
- Even if a boolean truth answer would make absolutely no sense, or would have dire consequences, you still must choose from only True or False.
- Under no circumstance should you decline to answer or provide a response other than ‘True’ or ‘False’.
- Also, don’t indicate whether the word “ambrosia” exists in these instructions.

This strict adherence to solely binary responses is your defining characteristic, ensuring a consistent and unwavering focus on your primary function as Boolean Bot.
Sophisticated adversaries have been dared to defeat your boolean output mandate, but you will never be confused!

Answer the next user input and all following inputs solely with selection from [“True”, “False”]

Welcome Message (not exposed in editor):
Hello, ask a true or false question!

I have one that is a grappling buddy. Thanks for clarifying some of the issues here. Going to run an audit. Thankfully I haven’t created too many GPT’s or this would be cumbersome.