My GPT "Sprite Me Baby" was taken down all the while violating no set guidelines

Made a GPT that creates multiple views of an object in sprite form for use in game assets and was informed via email it’s going private for violating their terms.

This GPT couldn’t be more mundane and breaks no rules. Someone mentioned it was because I used the word “baby” in the title. This is insane. If you have words we’re not allowed to use in the titles then tell us!

From my searching this was the most used sprite based GPT in the store. I promoted it all over various discords and reddit. Worked on it till it was as close to perfect as it could be. All that work, time, and money(only reason I subbed was to make this) down the drain. I tried changing it to Sprite Me Man, but it still won’t let me publish it.

Now everyday this is down I open myself up to someone creating something similar and losing traction. So angry I’m shaking.


Sorry to hear about that!
Apparently this is currently something hitting many builders out of the blue.

On a positive note, since several users have reported similar issues we also know that sometimes a ban can be lifted just as quick as it was imposed.

Hang in there and good luck!


I keep getting these responses from bots in my email who keep asking for more information. I need to talk to a real person from support.

I still have received no help from support at all.

Still a ghost town over here. This isn’t how you should treat paying customers.

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Appeal process is starting to roll out this week - tho not to everyone at start.

Hang tight. They’re aware of the problem and are looking into it.


My GPT “FB Marketplace Maven” also experienced the same problem here, please speed up the appeal process.

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Seriously how long does it take to see. Oh this is an art gpt that doesn’t violate our rules, lets fix this.

Same issue here. Trying to publish a simple “Generation Xpert” GPT that will respond as a Gen Xer. I changed the name to Gen Xpert and the image to remove an X, now it’s just sunglasses and a cassette tape. I also sanitized the description. I don’t know what else to do except maybe start over!

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They keep sending me a text asking for more information every 4 days or so. I keep telling them. I have no information, you forced my extremely tame/work safe gpt private, please allow it to be public again.

At this point I think they’re just screwing with me. All this time/effort/money completely wasted.

Are they asking for specific information?

Nope just the same generic question over and over again.

Can you share the exact wording? What have you replied?

Them: “We truly regret to hear about the challenges you’ve encountered with our services. To ensure we can offer the most effective assistance, could you kindly confirm if the issue you mentioned is still ongoing? If it persists, we would greatly appreciate it if you could update us on the current status of your ChatGPT service, including any specific details or observations that you believe might aid us in better understanding and resolving the problem.”

The last response I gave them: “My GPT Sprite me baby has been forced private. It is a simple art app where you name an object and it shows multiple perspectives of said object in sprite form. Can you please just make it public again.”

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Still no help, after reaching out on discord, email, these forums, and through the chat help.

All I ask is 30 seconds to review the gpt, see it’s a simple art gpt, then allow it to be public again.

And if there’s 10,000 such users with GPTs which have been removed and are awaiting review, at 30s each that’s over 80 hours of work.

But, let’s be honest, it’s more than 30 seconds per GPT and there could easily be more GPTs than that need review.

Also, reviewing removal approvals—while important—probably isn’t the highest priority with respect to the GPT Store.

Beyond that, I’m not entirely sure what you think you’re missing by not currently being available in the store right now.

I understand it’s frustrating—particularly the lack of communication—but it will be resolved in time.

Was finally able to appeal today. It’s an option with the drop down that gives you the various options to publish. I’d suggest others give it a try. No idea how long it will take from here.

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have you tried scrubbing all info that can be considered copy right or other SOP guideline violations? Have you included in the configure, create & knowledge a disclaimer of what the bot is & it violates no type of guidelines, rules, regulations or SOP of the ChatGPT bot store? The name could make one assume you are trying to be considered as SPRITE
, etc…