Plugin removed from store without changes to ai-plugin.json manifest

Dealing with the frustration of having our plugin, ChatOCR, suddenly delisted.

I pushed an update last night that amended our backend code as well as the openapi.yaml spec. The ai-plugin.json didn’t change at all.

Everything was fine for about ~12 hours, but suddenly, I noticed the plugin was no longer on the store. No email, no contact, no anything.

Any idea what might have happened? For what it’s worth, I resubmitted the plugin for review immediately

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When the system detects a substantial change in the Plugin from your submitted entry, it will get removed, otherwise you could build a plugin that did one thing and then change it to perform tasks outside of the original scope.

Usually you know when you have made a change to your Plugin so there is no need to tell you that your Plugin has changed.

@Foxabilo that is not always the case, but I would agree if the changes are substantial it could. @Reibs how significant were your changes?

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As far as I am aware anything that makes a change to the yaml file will create a removal event the next time the system checks for changes.

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Definitely a substantial change with respect to how we process documents, but the core functionality is the same.

If they’re checking the openapi.yaml, would totally make sense that they detected a change.

Perhaps it was a security concern if the functionality changed substantially and could have been flagged by their algos, not sure. I have had small changes to Yaml which didn’t result in the plugin getting pulled, but the changes to the main plugin program files were also very minimal.