How do we update the Manifest.json?

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to update my Plugin’s manifest to store some new information. I assumed that by simply updating the manifest that OpenAI/ChatGPT would periodically fetch the manifest. However, when inspecting the logs, I can’t see any fetch requests and I am unsure how to update the manifest to work in the plugin for users.

Do I have to resubmit my plugin or am I missing something simple?

Appreciate the help as always.

From the docs:

Manifest files must be manually updated by going through the “Develop your own plugin” flow in the plugin store each time you make a change to the ai-plugin.json file. ChatGPT will automatically fetch the latest OpenAPI spec each time a request is made so changes made will propagate to end users immediately. If your plugin is available in the ChatGPT plugin store and you go through the “Develop your own plugin” flow, we will automatically look for changes in the files and remove the plugin if it has changed. You will have to resubmit your plugin to be included in the store again.

To generalize the OG question:

How do we update the manifest file to a new version?

If we publish a new version with a higher version number does the old version remain available to users till the new version goes through review and gets approved?

We do not want to submit an update for review and have the original version disappear from the Plugin Store till the new version is approved!

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