Are OAS changes unlisting the plugin or not?

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I’m a bit confused because I saw many contradictory information about this.

I know that any change to the manifest file (.well-known/ai-plugin.json) will unlist a plugin.

@logankilpatrick, you even confirmed that it was intended by design.

However, I wonder if any change to the open API specification will also unlist the plugin.

By changes to the OAS, I don’t mean changing the OAS path in the manifest file.

I’m talking more about “adding endpoints” or updating the parameters of the open API specification itself.

I hope someone (@logankilpatrick would be ideal) could give any reliable info about it.

At PluginLab, we have many users having their plugins running in production, and we want to be sure they can update their OAS config without any risk :slight_smile:


PS: thanks again to the openai team. You guys do a fantastic job!


In Github, I’m keeping a daily list of all plugin changes. Rentable plugin changes their spec every day and they are never delisted on the plugin store. So assuming rules are consistent across plugins, then spec changes will not delist an app.


Thanks for the answer @shane.isbell!

I guess your assumption is correct :slight_smile:

I believe that OpenAI is probably caching both the spec and the manifest. So if the dev makes a breaking change to their API , ChatGPT wouldn’t pick up the related change in the spec file. The plugin remains listed but broken. If you find out whether that is the case, let me know.

I don’t think OpenAI is caching the OpenAPI spec, we see a request on it happening every single conversation.

I have made a ton of changes to my spec and have tested if the changes are immediate. Some times it reflects the change and others it doesn’t. Never been removed from the store though.

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