Requesting a "Download All" button on DALLE2 generations

As I’m getting better at storyboarding prompts, I find that I want to download all 6 prompts. Would be nice to just bulk download as I go.


Thanks for the suggestion. It’s on our list. :slight_smile:


I’d love some version of this as well, and ideally it will just be a library of all generations I’ve done so that I don’t have to be in the habit of saving literally every image to My Collection and then downloading each manually.

Heck, you could just add an integration with Google Drive/Photos or other cloud storage so that anything generated gets shared there and I can use their superior UI to access what I need rather than reinventing the wheel yourself.

And if you’re not interested in doing that, please open up the Dall-E API so I can do it. Clicking on each image to “save to collection” or download is really annoying to have to do if I want to access my images later on.

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Third’ing this.
As I’ve (finally) started cataloguing all my previous creations, it’s been such a slow process, one at a time.
Please add this function.
Thanks :smiley:

Agree. I have 500+ images. Ill need to go through each in order to save a backup locally. Thanks.

FYI, right-clicking and using “Save As…” downloads all images. It’s not great, but it’s something.

(Tested in “My collection” with just a few dozens images.)

That’s an awesome way to access everything, thanks to all involved.
I’ve written a small php script to run through and rename all the image files, but one thing that’s missing from the page’s data (That I can make out!) is timestamps for all the generations. If it’s possible to stuff that information somewhere onto the page, be it displayed or somewhere in the metadata, that’d be fantastic. Thanks again, sorry for mithering :smiley:

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Could you please guide me where to click to download my collection?