Saving and downloading

I’m a non-techie photographer. I’ll be using the images I generate in future concepts.(I just have to work out how!).
My question is that I want to download a whole collection at once or a selection of images not one at a time. Is there a way of doing this please?

Do you mean from the DALLE2 history? Not at this time, I believe.

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Hi Paul,
“The Dalle2 history” I think so. The library of the collections I’ve created containing all the saved generated images.
It’s a pain downloading one at a time.
Other than that, great software.

Yeah, a DOWNLOAD ALL in a ZIP file would be nice, but some of us have so many images…

It took me over 40 minutes to scroll through mine! Haha…

Good luck!

We need a DALLE2 showoff thread, I think!

Hi all,

I’ve managed to “download my whole library” (>5k images) by just opening my history, scrolling to the very bottom so all the images are loaded and saving the full page to disk.

This resulsts in a folder containing a History DALL·E.html file and an eponymous folder, containing the images amongts others…but in webp format and WITHOUT the watermark.

Conversion from webp to png results in file sizes similar to what is downloaded from the DALL-E 2 interface, quality seems equal (haven’t taken time to compare quality yet); but that missing watermark is a bitch imho.

I too vote for a “download all as .zip” button :wink:


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Very clever. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes the obvious solution evades us! Haha.

Thank you, the only thing bugging me with this process is the absence of the watermark, which, if i’m not mistaken, must be present on the image if the content were to be used(?).

Well, this is the API category, but you are discussing the web UI features, not the API.

Maybe change the category since this topic does not seem to have anything to do with the API? I cannot edit categories here.

Is there a web UI category ? If not, maybe a mod can create one please?

API Note: It’s easy using the OpenAI API to download images when images are generated with the API.

For example, some Ruby snippets:

 def self.save_dalle_image(url)
        file="#{DALLE_DOWNLOAD_DIR}/#{dalle_file}" {|f|
  ,"wb") do |file|

 chat_bot_reply = DalleBot.get_dalle_bot_reply(topic,prompt)
 the_reply = chat_bot_reply.nil? ? "Error with OpenAI API. Testing Only." : chat_bot_reply
 local_file = DalleBot.save_dalle_image(the_reply)

 # etc, etc

@ruby_coder Can you retrieve historical image creations from the API? I’ve generated many images through the API, but I don’t see them in the history section of the UI, nor do I see an option to get them from the UI.


I created numerous images on openai and now when I go to generate another image, the page goes blank and the only way to see the finished product is to go to history, where I cannot download the image.