Dalle3 image api download all?

I have A lot of images in dalle3 created on the WEBUI how do I download them off OPENAI server in bulk using the API? Anyone done this yet? Thank you

I assume with webui you mean ChatGPT ui?
Image API does not have a gallery at this point. Furthermore if you generate images via API they can be created in base64 and streamed back to you to be saved locally, or they are temporarily saved to the cloud to be retrieved later.
Even if webui offers a more persistant way of saving/retrieving DALL-E3 images it is a standalone application without API exposed.

Yes the chatgpt webui DESPERATELY needs a working gallery and download all button, i have 100s of different chats with different image threads, takes WAY too long to scroll through them, I CANT even search for PNG


Even if they allowed everyone to have dalle3 api access with some kind of python PNG download library function it would help GREATLY!!!