Add "Delete Image/Selection" function to Dall-E Collections

Please add a “Delete Image/Selection” function to Dall-E Collections.

Some generations are less wanted. Please make a function to delete these images.


Agreed, it would be nice to delete clutter.

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Yes please, it was a good improvement!

Yeah, I don’t want wierd images in my history.

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I agree. this is an essential feature to remove erroneous, ugly, unpleasant or just plain unwanted images.

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It’s not currently possible to delete DALL-E images. I suspect this is because OpenAI wants users to have a record of every image generated by their account.

The current paradigm is to create collections and then simply remove any unwanted images.

To remove images from DALL-E collections, first click the image and then click the ellipses (…) to remove it:

How to delete entire DALL-E collections:

@ted371 the thread is about deleting images, not the account.

Hi @sebastian.vh.kok

It’s simple to create your own Dall-E Collection and Image Management system and you can store and delete images as you desire. I added this functionality to my OpenAI Lab a few days ago in a few hours of part-time coding:



So, as this is a developer community, why not just write your own app to generate, store and manage your generated images locally?

That’s what I did. You can do it easily if you have basic web dev experience, maybe in just an hour or two.

Hope this helps.


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