Request grant application form for free access to the API for a non-profit

I received the following response from ChatGPT regarding getting free access to the API for a non-profit:

“Yes, the OpenAI API can be used for free for non-profits. Non-profits can apply for a grant to receive free access to the API by filling out the grant application form on the OpenAI website. The grant application process is competitive, and not all applicants will be approved.”

Can someone direct me to the grant application form? I asked ChatGPT to direct me to it but it replied that it cannot browse websites. (Hopefully, that is added in the future.)

You have to write an email to openai

Thx. I did do that but have not heard back which is why i posted here.

Did you finally get an update on this? I’m having the same issue, and I have not been able to find the application. ChatGPT seems to think it’s there, but the links don’t work.

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Did you had any update on this matter? I’m interested too.