OpenAI cybersecurity grant program. Anyone get responses?

Hi everyone!

In June, OpenAI announced their cybersecurity grant program (OpenAI cybersecurity grant program). We put a lot of work into a project we submitted, but have not even received any indication if they received it or not.

I wonder if anyone else who has sent the application has heard back from OpenAI?


Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

You’d need to reach out to whatever department is running that as the developer forum is not linked to it.

“Strong preference will be given to practical applications of AI in defensive cybersecurity”

I read that as AI used for safety, such as moderations and beyond. Not protecting the AI.

“Here’s our business plan, use the idea yourself if you want, pay us if you want”.

Like entering a design contest “conductor of contest gets to keep all submissions”

There is no official point of contact marked on the grant page. I have reached out to OpenAI customer support as well, but they didn’t have any information either., so I thought I’ll try my luck here. :slight_smile:

:smile: Yep, I’m happy for you to reach out on here and see if anyone else has.

Hi guys, I also submit our solution to Grant Program but still got no response. Does they provide contact anywhere so I can check the progress ?

Welcome to the developer forum!,

The developer forum has no ability to expedite Grant Program access.

I understand it is frustrating when you do not receive a reply right away, however, the Grant Application is currently the correct way to do this. You can try but I imagine you will get the same response there, You are also free to make a second application.

Please understand that there are hundreds of thousands of people applying and only a limit staff to process those applications.