Request for multiple saved Custom Instructions

The new Custom Instructions are great and I can already see how it will help quickly spinning up new conversations without starting from scratch each time. One thing that would make it even better is if we could have a number of saved custom instructions.

For example, I’m a software developer and at work we have one set of libraries and patterns we prefer, while at home I have a different set. At home, I also use ChatGPT for non-coding situations like creative writing for D&D.

It would be a massive boon if I could save my “WorkCoding” custom instructions, my “HomeCoding” custom instructions, and “D&DWriting” custom instructions and when starting a new prompt I could select these from a drop down.

Thanks for the new feature!


I would add to this and say it’d be helpful to also have some built-in prompts for custom conversation profiles. For example, I regularly prime my work-related conversations with the same context. It’d be nice to just select a conversation type, and that info would already be loaded into the conversation. Or, being able to select from a library/menu of commonly-used/saved/custom prompts.

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I would appreciate if the custom instructions were given a larger character limit than 1500 characters because some contexts require detailed information and explanations.

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The new Custom Instructions are fantastic. I’m a software developer ,i have to deal with programming issues, open-llm training and inference problems, Linux environment and conda environment, and some writing issues. I need at least five different Custom Instructions and switch between them quickly. I hope this new feature will be available in the next version!


I completely agree. I recently unsubscribed from GPT Plus because it lacks this feature. Unfortunately, I had to switch to Claude 2 with TypingMind, which does have it.

Custom instructions should be specific to each chat. It’s frustrating when one chat’s custom instruction affects other chats.

TypingMind is a great example of how the custom instruction feature should be implemented. We should have a user interface that allows us to select and use saved custom instructions or AI characters.

Additionally, a prompt library feature would be helpful. For example, pressing ‘/’ could open a prompt library where users can search for prompts by typing. TypingMind and other platforms have already implemented this feature successfully.

Please provide these features to Plus users, at the very least.


The custom instruction set is so specific to certain lines of questioning that it makes other answers weak. I’d really love not only to have multiple profile prompts but to be asked which to use by a saved name for each new chat.


Great idea. Essentially, personae which have their own relevant custom instruction context

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