Request for ability to save custom instructions presets

I am a frequent user of ChatGPT and appreciate the opportunity to customize the interaction by providing specific instructions on how I’d like the AI to respond. I believe the user experience could be greatly enhanced by introducing the ability to create, save, and switch between multiple sets of custom instructions - or “presets”.

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In the lower left menu that pops up when you click on your name, can you go to “customize ChatGPT”?

See if that satisfies your need to put text in a box “how would you like ChatGPT to respond”


This would be a brilliant update due to the nuances in tone/structure/detail needed for specific tasks.

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Hey I think you misunderstood. I’m asking for that feature to be built upon by the means of adding preset functionality.

I have a suspicion that the next level of customization that you would be directed to if you got the straight scoop from OpenAI is “GPTs” in ChatGPT Plus.

There’s several of the same idea as yours in “feature requests” category, among others often repeated — and it seems that part of the forum is just a place to talk to ourselves - and for people to pop in, post, and never be seen again.

Therefore, just keep notepad handy to cut and paste…