Some desired feature requests

I would like to propose the addition of a feature that allows users to create and apply multiple custom instruction settings in various chat interactions. This feature aims to enhance the flexibility and personalization of the OpenAI platform.

Feature Details:

  1. Custom Settings Creation:

    • Users should be able to create multiple custom instruction settings profiles.
    • Each profile should be customizable with unique instructions and parameters.
  2. Easy Application:

    • Users should have the option to select and apply a specific custom setting when initiating a chat with OpenAI’s AI model.
    • This can be done through a simple interface or command.
  3. Parameter Configuration:

    • Custom settings profiles should support the configuration of parameters such as tone, style, depth, and context.
    • Users can fine-tune these settings to suit different conversation contexts and purposes.
  4. Save and Manage Profiles:

    • The ability to save and manage these custom settings profiles is crucial.
    • Users should be able to edit, delete, or organize their profiles for easy access.

Use Cases:

  • Professional Writing: Apply a custom setting for formal and professional writing.
  • Creative Writing: Switch to a setting optimized for creative content generation.
  • Conversational Tone: Quickly switch to a friendly and conversational tone.


  • Efficiency: Users can save time by not reconfiguring settings for each interaction.
  • Personalization: Allows users to adapt AI responses to their specific needs.
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Hey @vin2 & @GoblinCoin your suggestions for multiple customer instructions are amazing. I’m working on a project to tackle multiple custom instructions on a per prompt basis. I’d love to hear more from each of you about what you’d want to see so I can make sure what we’re building addresses it.

Up to chat for ~15 minutes? My email is, I’ll work around your schedule. Or here’s my calendly calendly[dot]com/madeleine-reese/meeting

You can also check out the project here: allma[dot]io

Thanks, I appreciate your time + happy to build out prompt templates for you both, if helpful!

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