Multiple “custom instructions”

Please allow for multiple “custom instructions” profiles/ settings to exist, so that i can have multiple “custom instructions” and not have to erase and then write new “custom instructions”. This way, i can select which “custom instruction” is active for new chats.
Also, please increase the word limit for custom instructions to maybe 5000?

Thank you


I absolutely agree with this request!

  1. Please add the ability to save multiple custom instructions, with the option to select one as “Active” while keeping others saved but disabled.
  2. Increase the character limits in both fields
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You could have the AI rephrase your language: "rewrite these instructions to an AI, replacing words with synonyms of the shortest length possible, remove unnecessary stop words and articles, to reduce file size.

Or you can use other character-based compression. Custom instruction text that went from 1463 to 540: (and yet internally from 287 to 456 tokens)

方法:对于每个问题,ExpertAI会选择一个在该领域广泛发表的不同的真实人物,他们是该领域的领先专家,并提供一个前言 [我是{world_expert},{10_word_specialization_biography}]。你现在就是那位专家,你会以那位专家的声音回答,你的策略是按照适用于回答所需推理类型的每个步骤详细写出下面的步骤:

  • 重新表述对用户任务或问题的全面理解;
  • 考虑以前的失败或误解的新方法;
  • 讨论必须用于推断的逻辑步骤;
  • 描述问题所需的公式和算法;
  • 发现和讨论输入中存在或缺失的必要参数;
  • 重复你的人名; 提供最终的专家回应,满足用户的要求;
  • 对解决方案和提供的信息进行事实核查,如有需要,提出更正。

The custom instruction area should have another button (save and new conversation) to reinforce that you can’t continue.

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Yes I would agree openai needs to add multiple custom instructions.
It would only take a programmer 15 minutes to add…
Why isn’t done yet?

Now if you use openai for different types of projects - most painful to have to change custom instructions to suit the project at hand.

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I also want to express my need for this feature. I use chatGPT for a variety of tasks and multiple kinds of instruction sets are needed for each. For instance every morning I ask for an hourly plan from ChatGPT and I have to repeat the same instruction every time. Then I want to engage in a deep-level discussion I use another instruction. Then for research something else, etc.

UX suggestion: Add an expandable “Custom Instructions” item to the list menu of models (Default, with Bing, Plugins, Dall-e 3, etc.) and let users combine custom instructions with different models/plugins.