Feature Request: Extend Character Limit and Add Subsections for ChatGPT Custom Instructions

Hello OpenAI Staff and Community,

I’ve been actively using ChatGPT and find the Custom Instructions feature to be an incredibly versatile tool for personalizing the assistant’s responses to meet specific needs. However, the current character limit of 1500 for each question within the Custom Instructions is quite limiting, particularly for those of us who wish to provide more detailed guidelines or additional commands.

To enhance the utility of this feature, I recommend:

  1. Increasing the character limit for each question within the Custom Instructions to allow for more comprehensive guidelines. This would enable more nuanced and targeted interactions with ChatGPT.
  2. Expanding the Custom Instructions to include additional questions or subsections. This could offer areas for defining short commands to specify the desired type of response (e.g., brief, detailed), or other custom options that can make the interaction even more tailored to individual needs.

I strongly believe these modifications can significantly improve the user experience and pave the way for more individualized and effective conversations with ChatGPT.

Your consideration of these feature requests would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,