Request a new feature for ChatGPT

To OpenAI Team,

I am writing as a visually impaired person that has found ChatGPT to be a helpful and much quicker way to find information about random questions I have.

I just wish if you could add the ability for a text to speech function on your web UI similar to how you have it with your voice interface on your mobile app. It would be a great addition for an option for the responses to be read out loud even if it came from a text prompt.

Thank you for your time and for a great product.


Something that would be very useful to me would be a feature to go on tangents and then go back to the main topic once the tangent is done (hiding all the tangent related text).

Hey, I made a product where you can edit all messages and branch the conversation, similar to what you requested. It also has models switching during chats, pay-as-you-go pricing, etc. Check Show your interest and support, I’m aiming to improve AI interfaces significantly

Hello, I’ve been exploring GPT’s capabilities for both professional and personal enrichment, especially enjoying its ability to simulate discussions with historical figures and thinkers. I propose an innovative expansion: enabling two GPT instances to autonomously engage in a conversation, initiated by a user’s prompt. This could simulate dialogues between two philosophers, facilitate virtual debates on diverse topics, or even create engaging audio experiences for users to listen to historical or hypothetical exchanges. This feature could significantly enhance GPT’s educational and entertainment value.

That can already be done in ChatGPT Plus (subscription) by using a GPT, with the exception of voice switching to portray the different tones. Here is one I created that has two AI entities discuss your input, picked to suit the topic:

The web version of ChatGPT now has a “read aloud” button per response message, with the voice selectable in the settings menu. The voice is account wide. There currently is a voice parameter being sent with GPTs, but it has no effect.

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I’d like to suggest a feature for ChatGPT: adding a search button and field to search through conversations. Often, I know I’ve had certain discussions before, but instead of finding the needle in the haystack of those conversations, I end up starting a new one.:sweat_smile:

After posting this I found many users requesting the same feature.

Threads in chats - I want to be able to drill into certain responses but also to be able to keep the main thread of conversation moving

I have discussed this issue in another post 589588.

But I’d like ChatGPT Teams to exempt an owner from the billing seat. My rational for this request is I am being charged an additional $25/month to follow least privilege, let alone to use a service email address.

Feature Request: When interacting with the voice over, I would like to have the option to get rid of small vocal things you might say to have a more normal conversation from the chat history, but have it auto hide them or something, because when interacting vocally it’s not always useful to the content you want generated. For example I may say um idk whatever, but I don’t want that in the history of to be affected by the model if possible.

Upvote. Please add this keyboard shortcut: Up Arrow recalls last prompt.

Please add this keyboard shortcut: up/down arrow and pageup/pagedown actually scrolls the UI when there is not further input, making the data accessible to those without a pointing device (or other reader limitations) to go over to the scroll bar and manually drag it as the only way to move the flex window…

@ezi Maybe your plugin could do this as well?

Conversation Forking for Enhanced Topic Management

Hello, I would like to suggest a new feature to greatly enhance the user experience: the ability to fork conversations.

This feature would allow users to branch off an existing conversation at any chosen point, creating a new chat thread while maintaining the continuity of the original discussion. All messages up to the point of forking would be replicated into the new thread, allowing the user to focus on a specific topic without disrupting the flow of the original conversation.

Use Case:
For example, while using the platform to discuss multifaceted projects like business development, conversations can quickly become cluttered with multiple topics, ranging from marketing strategies to product design. Being able to fork a conversation would help users keep each thread focused on a single subject, thereby organizing discussions more effectively and avoiding confusion.

This feature would improve navigation and readability and enhance the overall efficiency of communications within the platform. Users could manage complex discussions without losing track of separate yet interconnected topics (if the parent/child linked relationships existed in each forked conversation).

Proposal for a New ChatGPT Feature: Essay Assistance

Dear ChatGPT Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m writing to share a personal idea that I believe could greatly benefit students and writers, inspired by my own challenging experiences with essay writing.

During my senior year of high school, I struggled immensely with writing essays. I found it difficult to articulate my thoughts and often felt overwhelmed by the process. Looking back, I realize how much I would have benefited from a tool like ChatGPT’s proposed feature.

The idea is simple yet powerful: to develop a feature that allows ChatGPT to engage in a conversation with a student or writer, discussing their life experiences, interests, and challenges. Based on this conversation, ChatGPT would then assist them in turning these insights into a well-structured essay.

I believe this feature could have been a game-changer for me, providing me with a structured approach to brainstorming and organizing my thoughts. It could have given me the confidence and support I needed to express myself more effectively.

I share this idea with the hope that it may help others facing similar challenges. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this proposal and how it could be further developed to meet the needs of students and writers alike.

Thank you for considering this idea, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
Hector E Castellano.

(yes I used GPT’s help to write this message hahaha)

Hi, I have a feature suggestion.

This suggestion applies to the Android app as that’s how I access ChatGPT, however it could likely apply to most or all other platforms or access methods:

Sometimes a user wants to paste in text, however the text might exceed the character limit, and sometimes it might only be a few characters over the limit.

Also often a user may not be aware that a character limit exists, what the exact limit is, or whether their text will exceed that limit, leading to confusion or frustration trying to split/format their text to conform to the limit.

Also when a user has to split their text into segments to conform to the character limit, they would typically want to send all segments and have those segments seen as a single body of text, BEFORE ChatGPT parses/analyses it and responds.

For these reasons and likely others too, my feature suggestion is to implement automatic text segmentation.

It would likely work something like this:

Any time a user enters text into the input box, if the text exceeds the character limit, it will automatically be segmented and an invisible tag embedded into each segment, so that when the user presses the send button, it sends the multiple segments one after the other. ChatGPT then notices the embedded segment tag in the first segment and waits until all segments are received, then rejoins all the segments, then views the newly joined segments as a whole, before parsing/analysing/responding. Optionally, it could also show a subtle indicator somewhere inside or outside the text input box indicating that the character limit has been exceeded and the message is automatically being segmented. Perhaps also upon pressing the indicator, a popup could be shown indicating the amount of current segments, and perhaps more details such as the current total character count of all segments, the current total character count and characters remaining for the that segment’s character limit until another segment will be created (x of x format).

And accordingly (if necessary/applicable), whenever ChatGPT generates a response, if the text exceeds the incoming character limit (assuming that sometimes ChatGPT’s response will need to be lengthy based on the user’s input), it will automatically be segmented and an invisible segment tag embedded, which when received by the user, the app will automatically detect the embedded segment tag and wait until all segments are received, then join the segments and display them as a single response in the text bubble, perhaps optionally with an indicator showing that its segmented, and perhaps also with the option of pressing the segmented indicator for more information about the segments, character count per segment, etc.

Anyway that’s my idea and feature suggestion. I hope you’s will see the value in such a feature, how it may benefit people, and consider it in a future implementation.

I would like a feature that lets you duplicate chats, so that u can return to a previous state of a chat. Similiar to branching in git. You can create a new branch at a specific message, or just duplicate the chat there. Often its the case that builing up the context for a chat for a specific task/project takes quite some effort

I agree following feature should be implemented:

  • ability to delete
  • ability to group
    and I would add:
  • filter so we can search existing conversations (if key word exist it will show that chat, similar to VSCode file filter)
  • ability to save temporary chats so they become permanent
  • ability to download single or all of the chats

These are should be very simple to implement.