Request a new feature for ChatGPT

To OpenAI Team,

I am writing as a visually impaired person that has found ChatGPT to be a helpful and much quicker way to find information about random questions I have.

I just wish if you could add the ability for a text to speech function on your web UI similar to how you have it with your voice interface on your mobile app. It would be a great addition for an option for the responses to be read out loud even if it came from a text prompt.

Thank you for your time and for a great product.


Something that would be very useful to me would be a feature to go on tangents and then go back to the main topic once the tangent is done (hiding all the tangent related text).

Hey, I made a product where you can edit all messages and branch the conversation, similar to what you requested. It also has models switching during chats, pay-as-you-go pricing, etc. Check Show your interest and support, Iā€™m aiming to improve AI interfaces significantly