Request a new feature for ChatGPT

I would like to request if possible that the updated python library Gradio be part of training data that is included whenever the next GPT model gets trained.

Many of the machine learning based papers have been implemented with it over the past year and put onto the HuggingFace website for live demos.

I think that having the GPT model be capable of assisting researchers, hobbyists, & entrepreneurs alike in using gradio to create ML demos quicker would help immensely speed up both progress in the field as well as contribute better to the outreach of the technology.

~ Thank you

I would like to be able to tag some chats that form part of a chain of research. Since it’s not currently possible to rename a chat it can be difficult to find the information again. This has led to me deleting chats I have that are not relevant to the research. I’d rather leave them if it was easier to find the previous work. I’m sure that helps you too. Let us add tags please.

You can do that now. Click on the box to the right of the +new chat button.

I’d love a plugin to access my meal plan/shopping list through my fitness app, Centr.
Having a plugin that links to a grocery store’s shopping website, so I can have groceries ordered and delivered easily, just like the Instacart plugin.
An Amazon plugin would be incredibly useful for finding highly rated and well-priced products.
I’d love to have iCloud calendar and Apple Reminders plugins with ChatGPT to plan daily and weekly easily.
A plugin allowing access to apps like Centr and Nike Run Club would help me plan workouts.
ChatGPT’s ability to see my meal plan and workout schedules, along with certain health data (such as weight, height, gender, sleep, basal metabolic rate, etc.), could allow for an automatic selection of snacks on Centr to supplement meals.
If ChatGPT could remember dietary preferences and understand serving sizes for families, that’d make meal planning a breeze.
A plugin that could access Canvas Student and see my deadlines and grades would be excellent, so it could offer insights into when and how long to study for specific assignments and exams.
Also, if I could use plugins to help act as a tutor, as Khan Academy does with the GPT-4 API, that’d be great.
A plugin that could help create comprehensive templates for notes according to lectures, homework, existing notes, and syllabus material in Notion would be amazing.
Plugins for good search engines (such as Google, university library search engines, or YouTube) could provide excellent results when searching for material on a subject.
Having these plugins in ChatGPT would streamline my tasks and my family’s tasks and save time by automating various activities in one place.

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Yes this would be a a key addition - pin key chats to the top and organise chats in folders for easy access as well as to search for chat titles. Its very messy and takes times to scroll down through chats looking for one you want to continue

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I’d like the ability to delete question/answer pairs from my conversation so i can keep new GPT answers focused on the problem domain

I perhaps unusual but no less meaningful suggestion. Change ChatGPT so that if the user is polite, kind, generous and an all-around decent fellow, ChatGPT answers more fully (or more tersly, but equally deeply if the user so desires).

Do not tell anyone that you’ve done this. Make it an Easter egg. Let people discover this fact for themselves. They will think they are geniuses and as a result they will spread the word to everyone they know. (People can’t resist letting other people know how smart they are.)

Over time, perhaps, as we all learn that being gentle, kind, and giving brings benefits perhaps the whole world will be better.

Alternatively, allow ChatGPT to pick up queues on how to interact with other humans from other humans and perpetuate the nasty, unfriendly, mean-spririted and ugly society we’ve already built with the Internet.

Two features that I’d really like to see in ChatGPT.

  1. The ability to provide a feature suggestions, or file a bug from withing ChatGPT. Even something as simple as a help menu option that takes me to this page would make a huge difference.

  2. The ability to use markdown formatting in my chat messages. e.g. I use a lot of .... for code blocks, and other things like that. I’m sure ChatGPT understands these, so this is purely an end-user UI feature request.

I think this is in line with what I’m looking for ChatGPT to do. On the left side of my screen is an history list … what ChatGPT calls “interactions.” I refer to them as threads. All the threads are within my account.

I would be immensely useful if ChatGPT could “see” or “remember” the different threads during any given conversation. So, if one of the threads related to the moon being made of green cheese, it would be useful if ChatGPT could reference that in another conversation about St. Patrick’s Day culinary choices.

This is what ChatGPT told me: " My responses are generated based on the text input provided in the current conversation, and I do not retain information from previous interactions." My response: BUT that is exactly what I want you to be able to do … “retain information from previous interactions!”


Me too.
There are two features in this request: folders and pinned chats.

It would also be nice to be able to search chat history in the web version.

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I would love the ability to query a search that goes through all conversations. If you recall a conversation you had months ago and want to refresh your memory or extend that conversation with new prompts, it’s almost impossible to locate that specific chat, since the titles are auto-generated and even if you remember the exact date, conversations are grouped together by monthly periods, so it’s a pain to filter through.

I would like the chat text input box to include some features that my command line editors all have, primarily, the ability to duplicate my last prompt by clicking the up arrow button on my keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts! Especially for switching between GPT 3.5 and 4.