Rephrasing + Fine-tuning

Hi everyone,

I have struggled with prompts for a rephrasing of content. One shot of few shot training doesn’t seem to produce materially better outcomes either.

Understand this to be quite a complex area of NLP.

Has anyone had success with training a custom model for rephrasing / rewriting content?

Any experience and/or tips would be much appreciated!

Thanks so much


You can absolutely do this task with a prompt using Davinci 2.
You can re-write/re-phrase in any style you wish.


Boring version: I was very nervous when I took my latest book to my book club

Re-written to be super interesting and wildly exciting in the style of Steven King:
When I took my latest book to my book club I was scared shitless. I had attended this book club for months, but always as an observer. I read the book, showed up, and enjoyed the discussion. But today was different - I created the damn book. What if these people hated it? What if they made me cry? I was nervous as hell, but I had to face my fears. I walked into the room and joined the discussion.

Here is the link to this thread: Wiriting Better Prompt to update tone and style of a given text - #3 by vkvkvk