Blog Post: Write Like Me (Fine-Tuning)

Before I begin, please know that I’ve hunted around a bit but, perhaps out of anxiousness, haven’t perfected my search for what I’m asking about. I’ve seen one or two related topics but I want to get this right from the start and am thinking others may benefit.

I’ll begin by saying that I love writing. I’m not looking to create a 100% generically automated robo blog. I care about the content on my site.

However, I would love to have prebuilt articles that I can pick/choose content from, perfect as I see fit, verify the truth of and use based on the AutoMuse script concept.

This is where my question begins to develop.

I’ve not yet tried fine-tuning. I’ve read a lot about it. When it makes sense. When it doesn’t. But to have the output written in MY VOICE … that’s my end goal.

I have countless blog posts (all the way back to 2014) that I’m happy to convert over to JSON format for the fine-tuned responses.

I’ve seen posts which use different prompts to initiate those responses, though and that has me confused. Some suggestions say “leave the prompts blank”. Others say “Write a blog post about” followed by the core topic of the response.

I need a “best” definitive answer on how I can generate text that’s written in my creative style. What is the answer to this riddle?

Even better if it doesn’t recreate my humor word-for-word but understands sense of humor. My delivery. My rhythm. My way of describing things.

I can offer 2 ~ 3 links (if the forum lets me), should viewers ask. Even better if you like motorcycles LOL.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

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Well, OpenAI is smart, but for fine-tuning you have to show him samples to get correct result.
The way I do is like you said:

prompt: “Write a blog post about” (Your blog title)
completetion: (blog content)

In my test it captures my style of writing close enough. Yes, its not perfect, there are better ways when instead of just the title, you train OpenAI with more detailed prompt like, what topics to cover more, to add faq or not or some other details, but as you said you have lots of old blog posts, this is the most easy way.

Thank you @darko4spain

I’m looking more for quality than “easy”, hence my post asking about the prompts in a convoluted sort of way.

Another more accurate approach, since I use Yoast SEO, I could build prompts based on my keywords, SEO title and meta description.

I wonder if with those three items I could “Write a blog post about <> using keywords <> that’s influenced by a title like <> or in simpler terms <>. If I were to describe this page, my wording would be <>”.

Response: the entire contents of the blog post (after all shortcodes have fired).

If there’s anything to this, I can generate the JSON data using a PHP script the fires after the post is requested.

Hi Robin,
I was thinking about a very similar issue. (I am going to teach a genre based writing class and I would like to have students to fine tune a model that imitates a specific genre in Italian). By chance, did you find interesting/valuable solutions to your problem? The resources that I found seem to point in very different directions.