Rephrasing content using GPT3

I have a use case where I want to rephrase an article. I am dividing the article in small chunks based on punctuation and chunk size. While rephrasing, I also want to set a particular tone(i.e. conversational, neutral etc) and reading level(i.e. 5th grader, advanced etc). From hit and trial, I have observed that smaller chunks lead to better rephrasing. Once rephrasing is done, I will combine all chunks back again.
1.) Can someone suggest me a good instruction prompt. After going through this link, input parameters - max penalties and medium temperature.
2.) Segregating big article into chunks → Rephrasing all chunks → combining back rephrased chunks can often lead to some abrupt beginnings inside the article. Can someone suggest a better approach for this?

@daveshapautomator @joey

“Rephrase in a conversational tone”, “Make this understandable for a fifth grader”, “rewrite using highly sophisticated language” etc.