Desperate to find the best settings for paraphrasing

I have already spent a few hours trying out numerous settings and also read some forum posts, but I can’t come up with a satisfactory result.
My goal is to:

  • to preserve the statement of the original article
  • not to make the rewritten article much shorter
  • to create as high a variance as possible

But the results are just very unsatisfactory.
Can anyone help me further? Thanks a lot!


Rephrasing worked pretty well for me for a prompt with a few examples, and then the actual target. For short texts, the solution was pretty solid (with the regular issues, but not too much). For long texts this is obviously not a good solution, but possibly fine tuning for rephrasing, with long examples, can prove useful (it did for me in other use cases)


Yes, finetuning is the best solution if you have enough examples.

Your instructions aren’t particularly clear regarding what kind of paraphrasing you’re after. What is your use case?

@paul86, how are you coming along with paraphrasing. I think it’s one of the hardest tasks for NLP. I read your goals, and wondered if you could test an instruction like “Please re-write this article so that it’s pithier and about half as long.” I’m curious about the progression of your work because I’m doing both summarization and question answering (on technical text) which has similar NLP challenges. Best, Leslie