Recurring Login Loop on iPad with Latest iOS and ChatGPT App

Dear Support Team,

I am encountering a persistent issue with the ChatGPT app on my iPad. Despite being up-to-date on software, the app falls into a login loop, which hinders continuous usage.

Details of the issue:

  • Device: iPad
  • iOS Version: 17.3 (latest)
  • ChatGPT App Version: Latest available (as of the date of this ticket)
  • Issue Description: After logging into the ChatGPT app, it operates normally for a short duration before automatically returning to the login screen, prompting for username, password, and a one-time password again. This cycle repeats indefinitely, preventing sustained access to the app.
  • Troubleshooting Steps Taken:
    • Verified that iOS and the ChatGPT app are both updated to the latest versions.
    • Attempted to access the app on an iPhone where it works without issues; thus, account credentials are verified to be correct.
    • Deleted and reinstalled the ChatGPT app on my iPad to attempt a fresh start.

The problem persists exclusively on my iPad, and I am including a screenshot of the screen that the loop returns to.

Could you please assist in resolving this issue? Are there any specific logs or additional information that I can provide to help diagnose and address this problem?

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Best regards,
Mind Expander