OAuth 2 auth flow fails in mobile (1.2024.157) but works on the web interface

We are building a custom GPT with OAuth 2.0 sign in flow to connect to our service, we noticed that users are having trouble completing the authentication process with our service on ChatGPT mobile app. However, users have no issues signing in through ChatGPT web interface. So right now we are directing users to sign in via the web and then start using the mobile.

Problem description on mobile (iOS 17, chatGPT app version 1.2024.157):

  1. GPT prompts users to sign in
  2. User authenticates in the pop-up browser and completes sign in
  3. Browser window closes, ChatGPT app throws an error

The error message states:

The operation cound’t be completed (API.API.GizmoError error 2.))

Additional info (potentially relevant): Our Oauth2 servier is located on account.foobar.ai whereas the api is located api.foobar.ai


I’m encountering the same thing. also have oauth setup at auth.foobar.ai and the api is at foo.foobar.ai

Thanks for the tip on logging in via web, that works for me as well, but this isn’t a sustainable workaround for production users.

Note the login flow did work on mobile at some point, and was working until I cleared Safari cache.

chatGPT app version 1.2024.163 (9522135661)

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I’m having the same exact problem and have submitted help tickets with OpenAI, but the responses have been lackluster (check your settings). I suspect the returnURI is different for mobile but can’t verify this. Anyone having any luck?

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Any answers??

So I’m having the same error as you guys when I’m using the mobile version; it does not connect via OAuth. However, when I’m using the web version, it connects.

I’ve discovered something interesting. When I refresh the GPT that I’m using, sometimes a message appears below saying “A new version of this GPT is available, update now.” When I do this, it works on mobile, but then it stops working for a moment. I then need to go to the web application, where there’s the message “Update this GPT.” When I click it, it opens another conversation, and I think it’s updated.

It’s curious because I’m the one who created the GPT. It’s a shame because each time I lose the memory of the conversation I was having, but it seems to work. Each time the OAuth authentication stops working on the mobile version, I update the GPT when the message appears below. I think it only appears in the web version.

The exact phrase is “A new version of this GPT is available, click here to update now,” or it might say “Open another chat with the updated version.” And it works.

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