Why are there fluctuations on the number of words that chatgpt can process from time to time?

I ve been using the chat gpt 3.5 to summarise texts.

I had actually been using the free version but since there seems to be quite a big difference in the number of words that the AI can process in the free version 3.5 and the paid plan 3.5, I have changed to using the paid version 3.5.

However, today I have noticed that suddenly the number of words that the AI can process to summarise suddenly has gone down significantly compared to yesterday or the days before.
I am waiting for it to go up again to original word limit as before.
Why is there this fluctuation in the number of words that it can process time to time?
I can understand that the AI has limits to the number of words it can process at a time but why the fluctuation?

Hi Iwchoikr,

ChatGPT is a public facing pre-configured portal to a dedicated research and development model, it can and will get modified to try out new things, however the developer forum is aimed squarely at users of the API which will have the same context lengths and functionality for each model revision.

If you need long form summation services I would advise moving to the API to avoid this kind of change.

sorry I don’t get what you said on the reply.

Would you be kind enough to use a bit more easier wording to help me comprehend you reply?

Thank you

ChatGPT can be changed without notice as it is a testing environment. Beta Test

If you need a specific result from the AI, you should use the API.

What do you mean by “use the API”?

I am not interested building an app with Chat gpt embedded in it, if that is what you mean.

Can Chatgpt API help me increase the number of words that the AI can process?

Thank you

If your main use of the AI is through ChatGPT then the Developer forum may not be the best place to get assistance, I would suggest trying the OpenAI #chatgpt-discussion channel over on the Discord where there are lots of people discussing their use cases and issues, you may also find the prompt-engineering and #prompt-library channels of use.

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Simply use the playground provided by Open AI.
You get Some free credits and when your fee credits expire you only pay for what you use.

Here is a vid explaining how you can use the playground:

Here is the sign up page to access the playground: OpenAI Platform