Chat GPT-4 Plus memory limit

Hi there,
I am considering upgrading to Plus, but it’s very difficult to find accurate information to trust on how much memory limit the plus version offers.

I can handle not saving information from one session to the next one, but I want to update because I need more memory limit in order to use GPT with enough background memorized (around 25000 words), but I need to know if it’s worth the memory limit it possess right now. However, I can’t find that information.

Anyone here could confirm the memory limit of Chat GPT-4 Plus for me, please?


Hi and welcome to the forum!

The “plus” ChatGPT 4 does not(!) have a context length of 32000 tokens (roughly 24000 words).
The version of the model that is available via plus subscription has a 8000 tokens (roughly 6000) words context window.

I hope this helps!

If you really need longer context windows and high performance you can try to access the 32k model at where you will also find other options but unfortunately for a higher price.

Ugh, then I guess is not enough. I will try that model.

Thanks for the reply! Really helpful.

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If you want to keep a lid on the cost you can try Claude2 directly at or the new llama-2 over at huggingface com.

There are definitely options to try things out before investing in this space.