Help with bug/ prepay credits

I have like about $30 of prepaid credits and I’m using the api key yet it’s not going down as I use it, I was just around 20 minutes ago but now it’s like it’s not using the prepaid credits and I’m trying to make sure I don’t over spend or something.

Like for example I’m at let’s say $30 in prepaid.

and then I use the api generation and it works, lets say costing 1 dollar.

well when I go to my credit balance or the usage, the money doesn’t move, it’s like it’s frozen. So instead of it going down on the overview, it just stays at $30 when it should be down at $29

Is this a visual bug or something?

The usage page has a lag… about 5 minutes or so? Refresh again in a bit.

I have been, for like the past 10 or 15 minutes.

it was working just fine like 20 or 30 minutes ago, going down when I used it but now it’s just… frozen.

aim just tryna make sure I don’t like I over use right now is all this is.

It should stop working if you don’t have credits, so you won’t go over.

Are the API calls going through okay?

Yeah, I’m getting no errors or nothing.

Right now it’s just frozen at 29.80 and hasn’t moved in like 10 minutes

Yeah, maybe they’re not updating Usage page as often anymore?

If the API is still accepting your key, you’ve not gone over. And it should stop when it does.

Is this a brand new account? Older one?

I made it this month, I think like march 8th I’m pretty sure or around there.

There have been cases of usage still coming in the next day and increasing the balance of the previous day.

What is clear is that you can’t simply make a call and then go there to see the increase in usage.

The page used to have 5 minute reporting only delayed by five minutes, but no more. That was too useful and expository.

I’m just not sure what happened because around 30 minutes ago, I was sending and using it and it would see the drop in change in fairly real time, sure there was a delay but I’d always see it.

now it just is frozen, it won’t change and I’m not sure if I did something or if this a visual bug or something.

i added $50 today and it was working just fine until it hit $29.80 which it has now went frozen. So I don’t know what this is.

Side note, sorry I didn’t know what to call it but it may be an issue with gpt and not api, I’m not sure which is which but that’s what is happening I think, it’s something with either those two. I’m sorry

Yeah, ChatGPT and the API are two different things…

Then I think it would be gpt then, I didn’t know the difference I’m sorry for the misunderstanding

No problem.

ChatGPT pricing is here

API pricing is here

The Usage page only tracks API usage. (Did you create an API key?)

If you’re using ChatGPT, it won’t reflect on the Usage page for the API.

I did create an api key, and I’m not using it for chat gpt either.

Should I just wait tomorrow and see if it settles on its own?

Yeah, might be best.

The API will stop working if you’re out of credits.

Just be careful where you enter your API key. If OpenAI notices anything, they can revoke the key.

Hope this was helpful…

It was, thank you for your help, I will revisit this thread if this is still an issue as well but hopefully not.

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Welp… lol…

Delivery of billing alerts on API usage limits is currently experiencing delays
Posted 1 hour ago. Mar 15, 2024 - 14:40 PDT

You can always check the status page too, but this just popped out.

Hope you stick around. We’ve got a great dev community growing here.