Qualtrics Within-Survey Live Chat Integration

Hello, I want to embed ChatGPT into a Qualtrics survey so that survey respondents can have a live conversation with ChatGPT in a survey. Does anyone have ideas about how this might be accomplished? Thanks!

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You can access the AI from ChatGPT via the API, this gives you programmable control of the AI, it would be fairly simple to then add some javascript to your webpage that would make some API calls to a backend server application that would then run the AI API calls and return the responses back to the web page.

This will require a fair amount of fluency with javascript, html, possibly python for the backend or node.js.

If this is a long term project where you are embarking on learning it all from scratch or if you have some background in programming then it will be a significant, but I think rewarding venture. If you are looking for a solution quickly, then I would suggest contacting someone you know who is a programmer or perhaps hiring someone. Either way, feel free to ask away.

You might start with

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Thank you, @Foxalabs ! This is helpful.

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