OpenAI API Model & Integration

I aim to develop an AI-powered chatbot application with two key functionalities:

  1. Human-like response generation: The chatbot should be able to hold natural and informative conversations with users, mimicking human interaction.
  2. Custom document-based sentence generation: Based on uploaded documents, the chatbot should generate sentences relevant to the user’s query. This requires the ability to discern the type of question posed:
  • Open-ended questions: The chatbot should generate its responses based on its internal knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • Document-specific questions: The chatbot should search the uploaded documents and extract relevant information to answer the user’s query.

I’m seeking assistance with this project and would appreciate any resources or insights from the community. Additionally, I’m curious if anyone has already developed a similar application.

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There’s a company called OpenAI that has an AI-powered chatbot application on the web with key functionalities very similar to what you describe.

  • It has responses like a human (but doesn’t pretend to be a human)
  • It has a vast understanding of world knowledge

People that upgrade to a subscription version of this chatbot can upload documents, pose questions, and have document-based sentences generated (we call them answers).

You can see it here


Thanks for your feedback. I want to develop this application for my own business using OpenAI API. It will be own built customized application.

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Welcome to the dev community!

It seems like you’re fairly new to this space, bravo for taking the leap into this crazy new world!

What I will say is that there are dozens if not hundreds of similar requests/applications that you can find being discussed on this forum, they may have some more in-depth information on what you’re looking to make.

The easiest way to do this though is through the Assistants API, this will allow you to embed the chatbot into your website or a different method if you prefer.

Please note that this forum is an AI developer community, so if you have general questions about coding I recommend just asking GPT-4 (it’s pretty good at that kind of thing!)

@_j Lol.

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