How to add/embed chatGPT bot in a website?

I was looking for an easy way to add chatGPT bot on websites but didnt find any optimized solution on this forum or on Google. I am planning to build a way to embed chatGPT by simply pasting small HTML/Javascript code snippet in any website that lets website users to interact with chatGPT. Wanted to know from the community if something like this already exists and if not, will this be useful?

I tried Meow apps, a WP plugin that works beautifully on my website. But I’d love to check out yours if you created this @ChatGPTPro

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I have one on my site. You should make a backend chatbot API that runs the AI and makes requests to the OpenAI API. Then your website just makes requests to your chatbot API.

I’m running the API on a free instance of Super simple. You just link your github, tell it which repo/project to use, and then tell it the command to use from the root of the folder. In my case it is just python Only problem is the free version is a bit slow to load if no one has been using it. But good for testing.

I’m using falcon to develop the RESTful API and waitress to serve it. Although, I developed it before I found out about quart when making a chatgpt plugin. I think I might prefer quart over faclon. Additionally, if you need a quart specific example of RESTful API using OpenAI, OpenAI’s plugin tutorial is based around quart.

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Thanks @chris42 I will try Meow. @codie I am trying to make something for those who dont have any technical knowledge, can use to embed chatGPT on their websites. I have built apps using the turbo-model API so I know the end to end flow. I just wanted to see if there are already existing easy solutions (that dont require knowledge of APIs or Client/Servers) and if not, I will build one. How can I find out if there is a demand for such a tool?

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First, you can check out keyword searches for “Integrate ChatGPT on Website”. You can use any keyword tool - even the free one from Google ads or even Google Trends.

Second, you can said you wanted to see how existing solutions look like. You can see Meow apps live on my site: Why OpenAI Says ‘Not Yet’ to GPT-5 – Be on the Right Side of Change See top right “ChatGPT” symbol. It runs gpt-3-turbo, currently gpt-4 is not yet supported. I think this may be a hook or USP you could use to start moving into the market. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. This was super useful. Seems like there are existing solutions out there so no point in investing time into this idea :slight_smile:

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Oh no, I think you could definitely develop something unique here. The market is so young, there’s plenty of demand, and myriad ways exist to differentiate a solution. It could be something simple like your unique marketing approach (e.g., using this forum - I would support you :wink: ) or another angle, such as allowing website owners to customize the behavior (e.g., SalesGPT that hints to website products). I even thought it would be great if you could have something like a “sign up form” integrated into the chat to increase conversion rate etc. I would definitely purchase something like this. You are on the right track!

This is great @chris42 thanks for the kind words. What you say definitely makes sense. Love the idea of embedding forms in conversations. I already build something similar where I put buttons within conversations (though it was for fun and was my first project of using OpenAI APIs). It will be easy to build a sign up form or other links within conventions. I can imagine users can set up rules on when the form should appear ( for example when someone asks about how to sign up). Maybe we can chat offline on what kind of requirements you might have for such a bot. I can quickly build a prototype and share. Is there a way to DM each other on this forum? Thank you once again.
Here is the app I built for fun for my kids - built on completions API with react.

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Great ideas on the integrated forms!
Yeah, there’s built-in messaging on the forum - just click on the profile of the person you want to message: