Building a GPT vs. OpenAI API


I am looking to build into my online applications UI a textbox, powered by ChatGPT. The use case is for scenario planning and statistical analysis of a SQL Database (Hosted on Google Cloud).

I am new to this but understand the very basics. I believe I just need to have the model convert natural language to SQL, then using external information from the user, and the SQL query, output a natural language answer, a table or graph. (Data visualization can come later if that adds a layer of complication, we can also build graphs based on the SQL output in-house if this can not be easily automated).

I am trying to evaluate whether using the OpenAI API or building a GPT is better for this. Please let me know what other additional information will help with this decision or any clarifying questions. The inputs would be 100 words or less and we would have low volume. Maybe 500 calls a day at peak. If number of calls has a large impact on the decision, please let me know why.

Thank you so much for any information you can provide.

Hey there and welcome to the community!

To answer your question: API :slightly_smiling_face:

custom GPTs are exclusive to the ChatGPT interface, so if you are wanting to integrate GPT into a different interface, API is your only option.

Hope this helps!!

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Thank you for the welcome and the reply!

Got it. So there is no way to embed a GPT elsewhere, so the only way to build something like this into my UI would be through the API. Do I understand that correctly?

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Yep, indeed you do!

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