Embed ChatGPT on Website

Is there a way that I could embed ChatGPT onto my clients website to better answer questions and provide customer support in real time?

Secondly, is there a way for me to create our own instance of ChatGPT, train it on our data, and then use it as a marketing resource and knowledge base?

Thank you, sorry if any of these questions are repetitive

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There’s not an API for ChatGPT model at this time.

Some people have replicated it (as much as possible) using text-davinci-003 model. If you search around, you should be able to find some opensource code.

Hope this helps!


@andrew9 were you able to find anything by chance?

Check this out, not sure if this will help you out: How to Connect GPT-3 to Your Chatbot | SendPulse

Botcopy now supports ChatGPT for websites. The UI web chat layers works in tandem with Dialogflow, and you can easily sew ChatGPT into the experience. Calendly - Botcopy Team

Are you getting access to a ChatGPT API we don’t have access to yet?

Any more details? Thanks.

Hey Paul, you can read about it here. Short answer is no. We and our users are Google Dialogflow experts, and we offer a secure UI web chat layer that is exclusively built for Dialogflow. So getting Open AI to work with that stack was doable. Might be an interesting use case for some. Our CEO wrote about it on LinkedIn a few weeks ago. Dustin Dye on LinkedIn: #chatgpt #dialogflow #openai


Not sure if you’re still looking for an option, but I built sitespeak.ai that does exactly that. Allows you to train a chatbot on your website data or faq’s and then embed it to answer your visitors questions in realtime. Uses ChatGPT to answer the questions.

hello, i gave a try to your solution, very nice!
something you should fix : when cancelling the account, it asks for the password, but if you created the account with google, you do not have such…
be careful with GDPR :slight_smile: