Purchased plus today, worked only for a few hours

Now I understand! Thanks a lot for this valuable information! I’m new at chatgpt. Thanks for understanding.

Hi, friend,
I found the same problem in logging in one hour ago.
The browser stopped and remain a white screen, nothing loaded, although I am a free account.

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It will probable be a maintenance thing. I have been using GPT plus for a couple of weeks now without a problem.

Good idea to keep an eye on the status page.

It must be a terrible experience only to have a short session after paying for the plus subscription. I’m not part of their company, but they are usually pretty great about solving outages quickly. I’m a plus subscription holder as well. I highly recommend being patient. The services they provide are great.


Worked just a few hours. Deleted all cookies, browser works fine. If so many users face this problem, there is either an error at the server or the whole thing is a fraud.

It is an error on the server’s side. I gave you a link to view the status and subsequent updates in real time.

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How many hours a day can you use chatgpt without troubles?

I have a paid account but cannot get access. Would not paid accounts always have access and not be subject to capacity issues?

That data is also available on the page I linked you. Over the past 30 days, chatGPT has had an uptime of 99.08 percent.

A plus subscription gives you a host of features that the free subscription does not have including unrestricted access in peak times. It does not grant you access to the servers when there is an outage. That would be impossible.

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When do you think will the error at the server be solved? When can I use it again?

I’m not sure. Less than a few hours from what I’ve experienced.

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I have also have a paid account but cannot get access since 3 hours

This question would be better asked in another thread. The main topic of this thread is regarding an outage for a plus subscription holder, and your question is diverting it.

Thanks for your information. Does this issue affect any user, or is it restricted to singular accounts or regions?

Okay Folks,

Who now can access ChatGPT and use the AI without the white/black screen?

No. I am a plus User since today. Everything worked fine, but just a few hours.

It appears to be affecting everyone, at least initially. According to the status page, traffic is being restored slowly.

The question is, are you able to use ChatGPT as of now?