Have a premium account and can't access

Chat GPT is giving me a 502 error * Error reference number: 502

  • Cloudflare Location: London

This started yesterday and hasn’t been fixed, do we have a solution?

This is going on since Thursday or Friday, and as far as I can see, no word from OpenAI yet. Just look at the recent forum entries here. To add insult to injury, the status is green on https://status.openai.com .

I know i’ve just checked and they have said it’s all up and running with no issues… which is BS, as i still can’t access my plus account - at least own the issue and communicate with us.

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I just came back to the site from a real life created couple of weeks away, and am finding the chat history is all “temporarily” gone. I am a Plus user, which of course means I always have access to the site, but that’s of limited use without the chat history.

Did I happen to come at a bad time or is chat history very often unavailable the last week or so? How long does it take for them to recover it?