OpenAI ChatGPT Plus System Status states its operational but isn't as of 04/29/23

ChatGPT Plus appears to be down (not working) on 04/29/23. When will it be fixed; is the problem being addressed; estimated time the AI will be fixed?

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Hi @dvalentine

It’s operational, no errors on my end. And the status page is normal as well.

Yes, its still down. I just checked. What is going on?

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Mine is getting hung up. Any suggestions on additional steps I can take to check on my end?

I am having the same problem, mine it not working as well. Please let know if you manage to get it working.

Chat has been down for over 5 hours April 29, 2023. It is now 5:07 CST.

working fine here, both localhost and hosted (unverified), although unverified was broken for me for a couple of days, and just recovered about 45 min ago. Maybe they are rolling out a fix across servers? Or maybe its a moving target, fixed one bug to introduce another?

Just today I received an update which organizes my conversations by date.

Can anyone with this issue try the following in order. Try and use ChatGPT after each step

  1. While on ChatGPT, press CTRL+F5 (Deletes any cache and refreshes the page)
  2. Logout, and log back in
  3. Try a fresh browser
  4. Flush your DNS
  5. Try a different computer
  6. Open developer’s console (CTRL+SHIFT+I in Chrome), navigate the the “console” tab, and paste any error messages (check it first pls it may contain identifiable information)

Mine went out yesterday, and this morning it’s still out. I also noticed My payment method and billing history were wiped clean. When I went into Playground and Dall-e, the usage history was also wiped clean. I think they are having some issues. A status update from Open AI would be helpful.

From a screenshot it seems that your accounts aren’t being properly loaded (429 but I think it’s a mishandled error).

I also noticed when I logged in yesterday, I had the spinning wheel of death for a couple seconds longer than usual. Then I noticed that some updates occurred.

@RonaldGRuckus this is the messages in my console on my chrome browser chatgpt still down with wheel of death.

The 2nd last red warning indicates that it was unable to set your session / properly log you in. The error (429) usually indicates that it’s because you have tried it too many times, but that’s obviously not the case. The other errors could have been the culprit to the 429 error, but I have no idea.

The solution is here, I think. Logout of your account (on ChatGPT and also, log back into and navigate a page or two, and then try logging back into ChatGPT

Alright then I will try that now and get back you you with what’s happens, hopefully starts working because I tried all your steps you posted earlier but to no avail.

@RonaldGRuckus it worked thank you so very much for that!

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Same here. My existing chat session works but if I try to open another session in a different browser for testing, I get “429 Too Many Requests” from after successful login, and the model selection control never appears.