Publishing GPT data security

Hello there,
my question is about publishing gpt for anyone with a link.
Is it possible that url crawlers can get to this gpt ?
Or is it actually safe to share it with someone but other users wont get in ?
Thanks for the response.

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I don’t believe OpenAI shares that information with anyone - and if they did they’d likely tell us eventually.

However, if you give the URL to someone, even if it’s someone close to you, it might eventually get linked. For more security, best to go the Assistants API route (a bit different) but functionally very similar to the concept. More heavy lifting needed, but there’s a lot of example code these days, and you do get the benefit of more control over security for your users.

Why do you think it could eventually get linked?? And for the Asisstants API that is paid per request right so its way more expensive… But thanks for the reply

  • Human Error: People might accidentally share the link in a public forum, social media, or with someone they thought they could trust, who then shares it further.
  • Social Sharing: If someone finds the content valuable, they might share it with others without considering the privacy implications, believing they are helping by spreading useful information.
  • Search Engines and Crawlers: While it’s less common for non-public URLs to be indexed by search engines, there are scenarios where this could happen. For example, if the URL is inadvertently posted on a public website or included in a document that gets indexed, search engines might crawl and index it.
  • Bookmarking and Indexing Services: There are services that aim to bookmark or index useful links. If someone submits the URL to such a service, it could become discoverable by others.

While it is true that the API is paid per request and might be more expensive than using a public URL, it offers several benefits:

  • Controlled Access: You can implement authentication and authorization mechanisms to ensure only intended users can access the service.
  • Privacy and Security: With the API, you have more control over the data and how it’s handled, which can help in maintaining privacy and security.
  • Customization: The API allows for more customization in how the service is presented and integrated into applications, providing a tailored user experience.

So, its comes down to are you in camp…

Price > Security

…or camp…

Security > Price

In a perfect world you could super secure for free, but alas…

Even if you do it on your own server, if the URL is shared, it could eventually leak. Unless you did something like change the URL every X minutes or something? I dunno.

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And if i use the team plan ?? so the 25$ per month instead of the basic 20$??
Or is that more for developers instead of customer-developer relationship?

The Team plan is meant for organizations of 2 or more that want to collaborate within the ChatGPT platform. You can use this for both developer centric and customer-developer applications.

It would resolve your issue of links being inadvertently accessible by others. If a custom GPT is built within the team and shared to only members of the team, no one will have access to it outside of the team regardless of having acquired the direct link in some way. The same applies to shared chats.

Note that the ‘monthly’ price of Team is $30 per user. The advertised $25 rate is when you pay annually.