Let others use a public custom GPT?

As I understand it, others who doesn’t have a paid account can’t use a custom GPT.?

If I publish on the store, can others download it for free?

Only ChatGPT Plus, Teams, and Enterprise subscribers can access Custom GPTs.

You can’t share a custom GPT with a non-Plus user. If you want to share your GPT with everyone, one option is building an assistant which has the same functionality of your GPT using Assistants api and share the built assistant using API or by building a frontend over it

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Ok, interesting. Can you tell me a bit more about the assistant API?

Using the Assistants API tends to get very expensive if you are not careful.

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Can you tell me more about the costs (and maybe how to avoid them)

Using Assistants api, you can create an assistant and copy the custom instructions from your GPT to your assistant as well enable similar tools from your GPT such as File retrieval, Dall-E etc.

You will need to write a frontend on top of this api which you can use to share with your users. I have written an open-source boilerplate template code for the same GitHub - SamurAIGPT/Open-Custom-GPT: Create Custom GPT and add/embed on your site using Assistants api which you can use to get started with

Thank you! Do you know how it works with fees?

If someone uses my GPT, do will I have to pay?

Yes, you need to pay Assistants api price as mentioned here Pricing

If let others use my custom GPT, will I have to pay what they use too?

It doesn’t sound like a high cost bur can it be expensive?

If you use your OpenAI key then yes you have to pay but another option is to let user input their api key and let them use in which case you won’t be paying any price.

If you use the above open-source project you will end up with an interface like this Open Custom GPT Embed where the user will have to input the api key and use

How can I avoid a high cost? Do I have to pay for every user also?

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