Prompt assistance for creating an image for a scene I'm creating for a board game

I’m new to using Dall E and I’m struggling to get it to create what I want. For instance, the prompt I am using is this: you are looking down on the sanctuary of an old catholic church. In the center of the sanctuary are four tables arranged in a diamond shape. On each table is the body of an adult human. In the middle of the surrounding tables is a podium with an open book on it. Somewhere on the floor are two robed bodies. One of the bodies has a dagger next to it.

Its capturing the essence of the scene well, but it won’t follow exact prompts. It won’t generate four tables. Sometimes 3, sometimes 5 or 7. Sometimes there are bodies lying on the floor, sometimes they add robed man standing. I just can’t figure out how to phrase it to get the four tables with four bodies and the two robed men on the floor with a dagger next to one of them. Any thoughts? Anything will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Numbers are difficult still.

Try to name the people?

Bob is on a table. Dave has a knife next to him, etc.

Still probably won’t be perfect as that’s a relatively complex prompt that a human artist might have trouble completing! Small smile.

In all seriousness, though, try to clarify the prompt a bit.

Ok! I’ll name the people and try that out. Thanks for the suggestion!

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You are looking down on the sanctuary of an old Catholic church, bathed in the dim light filtering through stained glass windows. In the center of the sanctuary, four tables are arranged in a precise diamond shape. Each table bears the body of an adult human, positioned with care. On the table pointing north lies Dave, his features peaceful in eternal rest. To the east, Bob’s hands are folded across his chest, a serene expression on his face. The southern table hosts Alice, her hair fanned out around her head like a dark halo. And on the west, Carol rests, a faint smile lingering on her lips. In the heart of this solemn arrangement, a podium stands with an open, ancient book upon it, its pages whispering secrets long forgotten. Scattered somewhere on the stone floor, two robed figures lie motionless, a testament to a silent struggle. One of these figures, identifiable by a distinctive amulet around their neck, has a dagger lying ominously close to their outstretched hand.


That is significantly closer! just need to mess around with it a bit more to get those extra two bodies on the floor, not standing. but that was awesome what you did there. Guess I need to tap real deep into the creative genes with my prompts!

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Glad it helped… I had help too, though!

GPT-4 won’t always do a better prompt, but sometimes it can clarify it a bit. Complex scenes like that are not easy, though. Some of my more recent tabletop RPG AI generators create the image automatically from the text generated…

If you have any other questions, let me know. I’ve been tinkering since 2019… mostly for game related stuff.

Hope you stick around. We’ve got a great community garden growing here, and it sounds like you’d fit right in!

Lol! I didn’t even think to throw that into Chatgpt. Have you dabbled in creating your own board games?

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I mean, turn-based roguelikes on the computer are board games, right? :wink:

But no, not physical board games… yet?

If you’d like, feel free to create a single thread in Community (like I did for my project) to share it and keep us updated…

I’d consider that a board game! And I’ll think of doing that when I get a little bit more into it.

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