Using ChatGPT as a DM in DnD

Today, i decided to test the capability of Chat GPT 4 to act as a Dungeon Master, and even with the most rudementary game, it produced a dialog between player (me) and the DM (chatgpt) that reminded me of my younger days in the basement eating donuts and running the dungeon gamet.

Can’t wait to see the next chapter it produces in my quest for the powerful and evil Wizard Malazar!

My article is on Medium and titled " Using ChatGPT to Play DnD"

I’m curious if others have created prompts that really bring out the richness in the game.



I built something, its more interactive fiction. Its using OpenAI apis (not ChatGPT). It has some D&D world options.

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Interesting! I love the text to speech. I think the api uses chatgpt3.5 which tends to lose its train of thought, but it still generates some fun scenarios. The Stanley game is a new adventure each time you play! I also love all the combinations and choices.

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It does use gpt-3.5. I still need to fix the chat history to keep context. That’s a project for this summer when I get a little more time.

Hi - I hope this seems related: Do you guys think GPT-4 (or 5) could get to the point of doing multiple “immortal” characters in a MMP parallel-world game (eventually with thousands of players simultaneously)? If not, what do you think it would take “to get there”?
Thanks & best of luck etc. ~ M

I’ve got several NPCs in my Roguelike powered by ChatGPT… You can’t converse with more than one at a time now, though, due to price mostly…

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Hi Paul - Congratulations (on your progress) & thanks for such a prompt response.
So, I take it that it may be best to try a strategic enterprise alliance with OpenAI or whoever. To establish its player-base with massive viral PR, my game concept needs pretty massive MP-NPC interactivity from the git go.

BTW, can you extrapolate how much it may cost you for multiple chats - if not now, by sometime next year? Cheers ~

You can use my custom GPT: Epic Adventure Master
On github the FOSS prompt if you want to contribute: ded-master-gpt-prompt