Review: LitRPG Adventures RPG Tabletop Generators

Got a mention of LitRPG Adventures on a D&D blog this week…

I’m making some changes this week, and hope to have more news soon.


Happy to see you here, Paul! Thanks for sharing the article.
I’m excited to learn more about the changes - are you introducing any new features?

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Thanks. Yeah, the main thing is that users can now decide whether they want generated content public (that goes into our growing D&D library) or private (so they can own the copyright and use it how they want.) IF they choose the latter, I won’t use it for eventual fine-tuning or anything else.

I’m hoping to grow to the level that I can fine-tune on the gigs that I’ve generated and get the cost down by moving from a 2-shot to a 0-shot hopefully with all the examples. The first option (cheaper) will appeal to the gamers while the second option will appeal to RPG designers and writers, I hope.

The other big thing is a move to a FREEMIUM model. People will be able to sign-up for free accounts. They’ll get 0 credits (but can buy ala carte) and only have access to the first 20 items in each category of the Library section. I’m hoping this will get more people in the door and give me more feedback on making the tools better.

I’ve been thinking about adding a single text-entry field to increase the quality of generations, but that’s something I’ll need to run by you guys, I believe, before I go live with it. Should only be about 40 characters added, but I’ll work hard to make sure it’s safe and have a demo for OpenAI to test before that goes live. It’s something people have been asking for, though.

Other than that, I’ve just been silently tinkering with the site to improve output and quality of life for users. I’m at the stage, though, that I think freemium accounts will take me to the next level. Here’s hoping!


If anyone’s interested, here’s a look at the size of our community library so far…

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Here’s a video talking about the next stage of development - taking the edited content generated by GPT-3 and turning it into an interactive game…

@raf, this is something I’ll definitely run by the staff, but it’s the direction I’m moving in. Now that the Workshop stage is launched and running, I hope to be able to devote some time to game again.

Another video (with my voice!) … discussing the past, present, and future of the project…

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Two new generators online… Shadowrun Characters and Spaceships…

What about offering “credits”, similar to what OpenAI did for us, so people could “spend” those and see if they are ok with the results/cost equation?

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I launched with credits back in October of 2020. They’re working well.

Oh, wait… did you mean supply them with free credits when they sign-up?

Without funding, I’m afraid I would soon go broke. :wink:

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Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

Well, how good you are in setting up a cloud app with REST API? :wink:

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I mean, I could do it with non-Davinci calls, but I’m trying to keep my content as high quality as possible because I want to eventually fine-tune with it. So far, people people able to see the results has been enough for around 10% of free sign-ups to convert to paid. From what I know, that’s above the typical SaaS 2%, so I’m happy for the moment.

What do you mean by setting up a cloud app with REST API?

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I’m claiming copyright on everything generated for the public library. I edit out Drow, Forgotten Realms, and other IP when I see it. Even with not feeding it specific requests for D&D content, it spits it out, of course. This is another reason I’m trying to focus on the community side of things. I want humans editing and improving the content after it comes out to make it even more valuable for those using it. That includes me, potentially, with a sort of MUD 2.0 I’ve been dreaming up for a while now…

For Private/personal generations, I’m storing it but promise to not use it for fine-tuning and not make it available publicly.

ETA: D&D does have rules for using 5e content and 3e content has been free to the public for a while. They tend to guard things like Beholder and Mindflayer (especialy with Balgur’s Gate coming out…) My goal is to create a new world. And then allow players/members to create their own world buckets. For now, everything is going into the world of Zaidan (which means foundation…) It’s been interesting to see cities popping up across generations…

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For sure. I’m trying to be open and transparent about everything with my community. The Private/Personal content is relatively new, but I think a few people have tried it so far. I mean, it’s obvious though that if it spits out Spiderman, you can’t then claim that as your own. You would report it and get a rebate on the credits used to create it and spin again.

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Hah. LitRPG is interesting. A group of Russian authors coined the term. Because of the translation, instead of RPG literature, it became literary RPG or Literature RPG? It’s a fascinating story about the birth of a book genre… Personally, I believe Andre Norton’s Quag Keep and Joel Rosenberg’s Guardians of the Flame were the genesis of the genre even though it didn’t have an official name at that point.

LitRPG is in Wikipedia…

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That’s an excellent start.

I’m sure we will be hiring an engineer who could help us setup a cloud app accessible via REST API. Still trying to wrap my head around this, but the position is about to open. If you need funding that might be a nice opportunity to get some extra cash to fund your project.

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Man, I wish I could tell you Cloud deployments and APIs were in my skill set, but they’re not… yet. I do want to do an API to allow my content to be brought into Roll20 and other online D&D apps. That said, I might be available for consulting very cheap! :wink:

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Yeah, I wonder sometimes if I should’ve gone with a more generic or obvious name, but I already run LitRPG Forum and LitRPG Reads, so LitRPG Adventures seemed like a good fit. It made more sense when the idea was to make a game. When the prices dropped, though, and I had to pivot, I didn’t want to spend for a new domain, move everything, etc. It’s not perfect, but it kinda makes it stand out. If nothing else, it might introduce new gamers to LitRPG - and my novels.

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Nok is a mutant that is trying to collect and save books after the Happening…

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That’s up to the human gamemaster running the game? Stats are something I don’t want GPT-3 doing as it isn’t great at math. I put it in thinking of psionic powers.

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Isn’t that what do here at the moment? :wink:

I’ll know that for prompt design questions.

Haha. You can’t get any cheaper than free! :wink:

I’m around and willing to help if I can.

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