Creating an RPG with GPT Builder

I’m working on an RPG project that utilizes historical data and information to create the stories. I have a point system that’s fairly complex, taking quite a few variables into account. Players can go on missions, interact with NPCs, and visit historical towns or Indigenous villages. It’s a fun project.

I’m adding books with historical information, but I’m finding GPT doesn’t always associate the dates very well. So I will likely need to parse that data into a file or spreadsheet (or create a database?).

My goal for this is to be educational while also being a game. So historical accuracy is quite important.

Search for: ‘Ohio Valley RPG’

I’d love your feedback. I’m very new to this!


Sounds great! However raw words game is a little bit blankness,it will be more exciting if GPT supports to generate interactive ui!
I just made a “Jigsaw Puzzle” using python agent!
I think it will give u some inspire!



Yes, you’re going to need extensive referencing in order for your cGPT to have ready access to the information you’re creating if it’s stored in PDFs.

I’ve found this starts by referencing a long-document in your Instructions. You can tell the model how to read that document and how it is organized, and it will get to the information you want it to faster.

However, there is a 20 document limit on the CustomGPT knowledge base, and longer documents become cumbersome quickly. So, you’ll need a well designed spreadsheet for relating information.

It is currently not easy to save game states, or even have enough of a context window for anything very meaningful.

With DungeonMasterGPT we’ve currently got it trained, and it finds information fairly quickly, but that document limit is causing problems. You can read more about how we’re dealing with it here.

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Thank you! I really appreciate your input!

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I did a google search but didn’t see anything.
If you want useful feedback, you might want to make a video of some test interactions. It’s easier to give comments when people and just click once.

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You’ll find it on ChatGPT under Explore GPTs.

Ohio Valley RPG

I think this is an awesome idea! I’ve been trying to create CYOA games with GPT’s, but I’ve always struggled to get it to generate images at the beginning. I’m hoping with GPT’s switching to using GPT-4o, it’ll be easier to get consistent prompts.

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I’ve been able to create specific commands to generate images. Sketch will create an image from the turn description. Create a Map will generate a map. But I can’t get it to do either as part of a turn sequence.

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