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I don’t have a website for a use case I’m testing on gpt builder. and it can’t be shared publicly now as i don’t have a certain privacy policy link from a custom domain of that specific use case what should I do? is there a way to make it public?

Hello, there’s a closely related discussion in another thread on this forum that might interest you.

The conversation centers around how the GPT developer’s name is derived from their credit card billing information, often without the user’s intention for public display.

This includes cases where GPT displays the user’s full name including their middle initial, and issues where updates in ChatGPT account settings don’t seem to take effect​​.

Considering your concerns about the privacy policy for Custom GPT, you might find this discussion relevant, especially as it involves similar privacy concerns​​.

Currently, a couple of users have shared their experiences, which could provide insights into your situation.

You can join the conversation through the following link:

Link to the thread “GPT Developer’s Name is Based on Credit Card”

I hope this discussion can provide some clarity or guidance regarding your concerns.


please look into this image my doubt is regarding this

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Hi @smurali236 i was able to resolve it. However if you want to keep some certain functions on your GPT I believe this might not work. Also this is just a hack how to get it solved, this is not legal advice about privacy policies so please do your research if you will need one or not.

I wrote this to my blog on medium (ai experiments) put copypasting it here:

How to fix: Privacy policy for custom GPT. Error: Public actions require valid privacy policy URLs

If you are not able to publish your custom GPT to GPT store due to lack of privacy policy, here’s one possible workaround.

Disclaimer: I am not certain of the legal implications. I discovered a workaround to bypass the error and publish your custom GPT publicly without a privacy policy URL.

However, if you plan to publish your GPT without a privacy policy, please conduct your own research to understand potential future issues. This article here is not legal advice.

The error appears here when you are trying to publish your GPT:

Privacy policy for custom GPT

Here’s how to fix the GPT error ‘Public actions require valid privacy policy URLs.

  1. Go to the ‘configure’ section, scroll down to ‘actions’, and remove any actions associated with your GPT.
  2. You can retain knowledge spaces, descriptions, and instructions, but I’ve found that the absence of actions allows for the publication of your custom GPT in the GPT store.
  3. If there’s any code in the actions section, it triggers this error. Without it, the issue doesn’t arise. If you need to maintain actions in your GPT, you probably also need a proper privacy policy. This is my assumption, as I couldn’t find any information online regarding this.

After publishing, it will display ‘This GPT may appear in the GPT Store (Coming Soon)’.

Unfortunately I don’t have a solution for more advanced GPT’s with actions on them, but if you accidentally added an action tab like I did, then this should do the trick.

I hope this is helpful! Please clap and comment below to show your support, and follow for more AI experiments and Amazon/e-commerce related news. :slight_smile:


@Milajrdi , Man you are a savior. it really worked.

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