Potentially unpopular opinion here... Is the store boring?

Hey everybody,

This is probably not going to go well for me but I am tired of like, talking about it in closed spaces and nobody bringing it up here.

I’m worried that the quality bar for plugins in the plugin store is set so arbitrarily (low…) that for new users inundated by what is now a sea of redundant plugins that only work Hal the time, I’m worried that it is creating a truly off-putting experience.

I’m not sure I have the best answer here. But maybe a correction back the other direction a tad isn’t the worst thing to discuss?



You’re not wrong or likely in the minority.

There are a few gems in the sea of dross, for sure, but there’s no great way to surface them.

I think a key point to remember is that the plugin store is a beta feature to a beta feature.


What’s in your top-3?

  1. Noteable
  2. Web Requests (I’m biased)
  3. Memory Bank

These make a lethal lethal combo for any coders or writers.