Plus, waitlist < June 16, still no plugin developer access

@Foxalabs , did you happen to get any word back on this?

Thank you!

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Not yet, I imagine things are super busy with the GPT-4 API rollout at the moment. I have noted your issue and hopefully it gets resolved soon.


hello! anyone got an update? i’ve been waiting for more than 2 months now and still no news.

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No @alswl0730 , no resolution; same issue here. @Foxalabs , do you suppose that it’s still that busy? @logankilpatrick if you could help me get even a rough estimate that would help me to plan.

It’s really sad not being able to try this cool development platform!

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Same here, what’s going on? any one has any news on why do they take so long?


I is indeed that busy, it actually busier! The forum is more active, more people are starting to hear about AI, it’s becoming mainstream.

So, apologies about the wait, but until there is enough people to onboard everyone, the only option is to wait.

Any news on this? The last update was over a month ago.
How long dose it take currently to get access?

Hello fellow developers and OpenAI team,

I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to address an issue that I, and perhaps some of you, have been facing regarding the prolonged wait times for access to integrate custom plugins with ChatGPT.

As many of you know, the ability to integrate our own plugins can be a game-changer for our projects. In my case, I’ve been working on a set of AI Agents that have the potential to significantly benefit creators juggling multiple tasks. The only missing piece of the puzzle for me is the integration of my custom plugins with ChatGPT.

I’ve been waiting for access for over four weeks now, and the anticipation has been intense. Every day, I check my inbox hoping for a positive response. I understand that there are protocols and a queue system in place, but I wanted to bring this to the forum to see if others are experiencing similar delays and to understand if there’s a way to expedite the process.

For developers like us, time is of the essence. Delays can mean the difference between launching a successful project or having to pivot entirely. I genuinely believe in the potential of what I’m building, and I’m sure many of you feel the same way about your projects.

I kindly request the OpenAI team to provide some insights into the current wait times and if there’s any way to streamline the process. Additionally, if any fellow developers have tips or workarounds, they would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I’m looking forward to a constructive discussion and finding a solution together.


Came here to ask too. I’ve been requesting access for months now. Been plus for months too…this is truly getting ridiculous.

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Came here searching for developer access thread. Hoping to get access.

We had applied for plugin dev beta access months back from our dev account which also has a plus user access since the beginning and have been using openai APIs since 2 years! Heck, we even ran an internal hackathon with GPT3 back in 2021 and have been championing OpenAI’s ecosystem in my organization and since then we have been exploring GPT ecosystem with OpenAI. We still haven’t recieved plugin dev access. We work in the domain where we are making scientific research accessible to the masses via our products in simpler formats.

Any help would be appreciated to get the access.

cc - @rohitoai @rohancalum

PS: Apologies for the tag if it’s not relevant but we really need someone from the staff to look into this as I see this is a long standing issue, and can only tag 2 people since I recently joined discourse openai forum :frowning:

Same here. I’m endlessly waiting to get in.

Hey folks, we have not been onboarding more people from the waitlist for a bunch of reasons. Stay tuned for context!


@logankilpatrick You mentioned you’d be able to provide context soon?

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@logankilpatrick any word? It’s been a month now and if we arent able to get access in the next couple of days we wont be able to use it for the project we were hoping to start.

Today at the developer’s conference, some announcements but no word about plugins ?

I suspect this may be the answer

Plugins may be dead (which really sucks for me)

I requested plugin access, still not approved despite having plus membership.
I understand GPTs are good, but aren’t they one level indirection to zapier ?

GPTs seem to be able to take the same plugin api manifest as the earlier plugins (seemingly wothout a waitlist, yay!). I think the original plugins are dead

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Hey folks! The plugin waitlist is now closed, developer can create GPTs with actions which serve as the spiritual successor to plugins.