Cant access WebBrowsing even though i signed up for it first

Hi! I see a Beta pannel on my settings page, and plugins are now available to me. However, WebBrowsing is not, and is the one I signed up for on the waitlist. Is this normal? Reading what you guys said in the rollout, I understood that if you have the pannel on your settings, then you have it all, but that is not the case. Should I expect it until the end of the week?

The plugins and web browsing plugins are rolling out separately.

All Plus users will eventually get both, but you’re likely to get one or the other first.

Myself, I have web browsing currently but I haven’t gotten plugins yet.

I’d expect everyone will have both by the end of the week, maybe over the weekend at the latest.

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end of last week i got plugin access and just yesterday i saw the webbrowsing feauture.
I didnt get an email notification about webbrowsing, so just check it in your panel from time to time

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what about the code interpreter? is anyone getting that available?

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As far as I know there was no mention of the code interpreter plugin in any announcements from OpenAI.

So, my guess for now, is no.

That said, I expect many other developers will be soon releasing their own plugins for executing and evaluating code.

So as not to repeat myself.